Cycle 2: Monsta Soars Forward

5 min readAug 3, 2023


Congratulations, Monsta Fam! We did it! 👏 We’ve successfully completed our first cycle, and each and every one of you played a pivotal role in this incredible achievement. Throughout the cycle, Monsta accumulated over 421,000 $CAKE tokens and over 880 $BNB tokens! The Vault opened on June 19, marking a historic moment in the world of crypto. It not only serves as proof of concept but also demonstrates that our protocol concept works flawlessly.

A Badge of Achievement

It’s truly a Badge of Achievement for Monsta! We set out to innovate in the crypto space, and with your support, we have achieved what no other project has done before!

As a token of our gratitude, we would like to offer a special commemorative NFT to all those who claimed the vault and participated in the remint process. This auspicious occasion marks the beginning of a new era for Monsta, one that we embrace with the gift of experience. We now have the opportunity to look back, analyze what worked, and collaborate with our incredible community to further enhance and improve aspects of the protocol

Keep an eye out for the announcement regarding the drop of your special exclusive cycle end NFT!

Remember back in April when we shared our ambitious plans for the revamp and improvement of the legacy Diamond Claw NFT collection and the monopolization of protocol rewards? Your overwhelming support made it possible, and we successfully minted out the first batch of new DCE NFTs!!

We’re taking significant steps towards becoming more decentralized, empowering our DCE holders with voting rights for the protocol. This is just the beginning of our journey towards a fully autonomous community. Upcoming votes will cover essential topics such as secondary asset accrual, remaining staked $MONSTA, remaining $CAKE from cycle 1, and more. We encourage all DCE holders to join our exclusive DCE Telegram Group to be part of these significant discussions.

A look Forward

The future looks brighter than ever as we step into Cycle 2 with boundless enthusiasm and determination! We are not only committed to completing our rebrand, but we’re also expanding our horizons to create a larger ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. As Monsta continues to evolve, we are thrilled to welcome our sister project, ETH Monsta, which has already gained recognition within our amazing community. Most of you are already aware of this exciting venture, and we couldn’t be prouder to merge the two projects together in our Telegram chats alongside other Monsta holders.

Monsta Finance stands as the larger brand and company, providing a solid foundation for each project to shine individually under its umbrella. While each project retains its unique identity, there will be a seamless link and connection that unites everything together, creating a powerful synergy that benefits the entire Monsta ecosystem.

With our sights set on the future, we are thrilled to kick off Cycle 2 with $BNB as our primary vault asset. But that’s not all; we have plans for engaging discussions and votes to include other exciting assets into the mix. We believe in the power of community-driven decision-making, and your participation is vital in shaping the future of our protocol.

Speaking of the community, we cannot express enough gratitude for your unwavering support, loyalty, and patience. As a small team, we understand the significance of each step we take. It is your enthusiasm and dedication that fuel our progress, and we are deeply grateful for each and every one of you.

The journey ahead is filled with incredible possibilities, especially as we look forward to DCAing into secondary assets. We anticipate a steady and healthy growth of the vault assets throughout Cycle 2, and the potential to witness a substantial increase in the dollar value of our accumulated assets as we approach the next bull run has us feeling extremely optimistic about the end of this cycle. Monsta is not just a mere participant in the crypto realm; we are poised to thrive and make our mark on this exciting landscape. The fresh cycle ahead presents an opportunity for us to accumulate new assets, and with the continued support of our passionate community and adaptability to market trends, success is undoubtedly within our grasp.

Before we conclude, we want to extend heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who have been part of this beautiful journey so far. Along the way, we have forged not only strong friendships but also an unbreakable bond, finding a second home in our amazing Monsta community. Together, we are more than just a group of individuals; we are a family, united by our passion for all things MONSTA! As we move forward, we stand tall as Monstas, ready to take on the world together. WAGMI!

Summary Quick List:

  • Complete rebrand to Monsta/Monsta Finance
  • Decide on C2 assets and hold vote
  • Update all protocol documentation and whitepaper
  • Update dapp UI and resolve outstanding bugs for stats/analytics
  • Update and release new Monsta website
  • Build and expand the $METH protocol
  • Create and expand user educational materials and resources
  • Complete and implement DCE protocol upgrades
  • There’s lots more and we’re working to release an upgraded roadmap/feedback platform where users can view current tasks in progress as well as suggest protocol improvements which the community can upvote to show their support

About Monsta Finance

Monsta Finance is an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) protocol operating on both BNBChain and Ethereum blockchain. The platform consists of $MONSTA on BNBChain, $METH on ETH, and Monsta Party NFTs on BNBChain, establishing a growing and vibrant ecosystem. Monsta Finance is committed to driving positive change through crypto and actively contributes to philanthropic causes through its charity initiative Monsta For Good. Join the journey towards reshaping the future of finance and digital ownership with this transparent and innovative blockchain platform.

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