MONSTA Proof of Plushie

3 min readJul 25, 2022

MONSTA Proof of Plushie (MPOP) is a deflationary, digital asset representing a 1/1000 plushie Collection.

Each plushie is an exact replica of the Monsta.Party plushie that was launched into near earth orbit, as part the world’s 1st ever Generative Art NFT space launch.

There will ONLY be 1000 of these Plushies Made.

Monsta Plushie in Space


1 BNB = 1 MPOP




To redeem a Plushie you have to 🔥 Burn 1 MPOP 🔥, and your Plushie will be delivered to you anywhere in the world.


In the name of Monsta Fun, MPOP has a game built into it.

Tokenomics ⬆️

  • Max Supply is 1000 MPOP
  • Deflationary (Burn 🔥 on Redeem)
  • 10% Buy / Transfer Tax
  • 0% Sell Tax

10% Tax is Used to BUY MONSTA

  • 5% gets Burnt
  • 5% gets added to the Monsta POP Game Pot

The Game 🎲

  • Every Buy >= 0.1 MPOP resets a timer to 10 Minutes.
  • After 10 Minutes a bubble is ready to “POP” and the last user to Purchase >0.1 MPOP can ‘POP’ the bubble to claim the whole POP Pot.
  • The user has 10 minutes to claim after which the Pot will roll over if unclaimed.

After a successful claim the Pot restarts at 0 and the game restarts.

Mint & Liquidity

The MPOP sale will run for 30 days or till sold out. Any unsold MPOP will be sent to the Cake Monster Community Wallet and be used for Community Events/Rewards.

5% of the Supply (50 MPOP) is reserved for Liquidity Pools. 950 MPOP for Mint.

MPOP will be paired with BNB & MONSTA on PancakeSwap.

ALL Proceeds after costs will be used to BUY and BURN MONSTA.

Trading / Redeem & MPOP Game will open after the launch sale. Delivery is free anywhere in the world and takes 2–6 weeks depending on where you are located.

NFT Airdrop

All Minters of MPOP will receive an exclusive MPOP NFT Airdrop from Fashion Photographer Marc Berman

The Top 10 Minters will receive a Rare NFT each and the Top Minter will receive an ULTRA-Rare (1/1) NFT.

Sample of MPOP POP NFT Series by Marc Berman

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster ($MONSTA) is an experiment in sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Economics. We have developed a groundbreaking economic policy and wrapped it as a cute Meme on BNBChain. To give you some fun along the way, you’ll find On-Chain Games, Play2Earn NFTs, Arcades, and other rewarding features that let you earn money in the world’s first sustainable Hyper-Deflationary Ecosystem while making the protocol work for you. We offer the best of both worlds — finance and fun memes.

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A hyper-deflationary and elastic supply token that has unique reserve and reward mechanisms featuring an automated hybrid monetary policy.